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Water treatment plant for makeup water and condensate polishing in power plant


Power engineering Industry


Water treatment plant


New water treatment plant design,

production, installation, and commissioning

Water source

Surface (lake) water

About the project

There are two water treatment plants in this power plant. One is for the surface (lake) water treatment. It provides softened water for the heating network and deionized water for high-pressure boilers. The second one is for condensate polishing. The plant is designed for contaminated steam condensate treatment to reach deionized water parameters.

Surface (lake) water treatment line

Ultrafiltration -> Softening -> Membrane degasification -> Reverse Osmosis -> Electrodeionization -> Ion Exchange (Mixed Bed filters)

Condensate treatment line

Heat Exchangers -> Activated Carbon -> Oil products separator -> Mixed Bed filters


There were used advanced water treatment technologies in this project. The challenge in implementing the water treatment plant in this power plant was its on-demand operating

mode. On-demand operation of membrane technology equipment has complex issues. Despite that, the water treatment plant is operating reliably and provided system parameters meet requirements.

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