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Water treatment plant for continuous pickling line


Metallurgical industry


Water treatment plant


The plant is designed for the demineralized

water needs of the continuous pickling line

Water source

Factory network

About the project

Basic and detailed engineering, equipment manufacturing, supervision of erection, and commissioning were performed during the project implementation. The water treatment system is designed to operate in automatic mode.

The temperature parameter is one of the key parameters in the membrane technology process. It has an impact on the demineralized water quality and performance of water treatment equipment. Since the temperature of the feed water coming into the demineralization plant was too high for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, it was cooled.


Heat exchange -> Active carbon -> Ultrafiltration -> Reverse Osmosis

Facts and figures

Quality indicators, units of measurement

Feed water,


Demineralized water,


Flowrate, m3/h


≤ 2.0Average 5,5

Max 35≤ 2.0


8.6 – 9.3

7.0 – 8.5

Electrical conductivity, μS/cm

170 – 335

< 20

Total hardness, mg/l СаСО3

50 – 100

< 0.5

Alkalinity, mg/l СаСО3

79 – 123

< 2.0

Chlorides, mg/l

2 – 16

< 0.5

Sulphates, mg/l

< 30

< 0.5

Suspended matters, mg/l

0 – 2,2

0 – 0.5

Salinity, mg/l

120 – 240

< 10

Oil products, mg/l

0.07 – 0.36

Temperature, °С




There were used advanced technologies for the demineralization process in this project. Solutions, made in this project, allow our customer to minimize chemical reagent consumption in comparison to traditional technologies. Turbidity, suspended solids, iron, organic compounds, and salinity were reduced during the water treatment process.

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