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Mineral water treatment plant for bottling line


Food Industry


Water treatment plant for bottling line


Modernization of mineral water

treatment plant for bottling line

Water source

Mineral water from well

About the project

The water treatment plant is designed to purify the source mineral water to a quality that meets the drinking water standards. The applied technology of the water treatment process for drinking water is based on the combination of sand and activated carbon filters. Before treated mineral water goes to bottling, it is filtered by cartridge filters and disinfected by UV lamps.

Design parameters of the mineral water at the inlet

• Flow rate 2х5 m3/h

• Temperature 10 +35 °С


There was provided modernization of the mineral water treatment line for the bottling line (glass and PET bottles), including upgrading the existing manually operating CIP system to an automatic one. There were reduced suspended solids, organic compounds, and iron by mechanical and sorption filters from the source mineral water.

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