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Oil and Gas Industry

We can call the oil and gas industry one of the most water-intensive ones, and the reason is the huge amounts of water involved in extraction and refining processes, especially during upstream and downstream activities. 

During the extraction process, then going to the oil refining and the petrochemical industry, huge volumes of complex wastewater are generated too. For every step different solutions and approaches to the water treatment are needed and can be provided by Jurby Water Tech.

The Engineering Division offers savings in energy and resource consumption, environmentally effective schemes of water treatment, development of the best technological water treatment schemes for new projects and already existing CWT systems, fulfills water treatment installation construction contracts on ЕРС/ ЕРСМ (i.e.”turnkey”) terms.

To meet the needs of the oil refinery, the Engineering Division offers the following services:

  • High-quality and comprehensive approach to the planning, design and manufacture of water treatment systems;

  • Optimum, economically justified technological schemes of water treatment for new projects and already existing CWT systems;

  • Fulfillment of contracts of water treatment installation construction on ЕРС/EPCM (i.e. “turnkey”) terms;

  • Execution of contract supervision, and setup and commissioning works;

  • Personnel training and guaranteed service;

To meet needs of enterprises the Chemical Water Treatment Division offers effective water treatment programmes for stabilization and correction designed for three technological fields:

  • Cooling water stabilized treatment;

  • Correction treatment for steam boilers and heating systems;

  • Chemicals for membrane technologies.

The divisions’ chemical technologies and integrated solutions enhance the quality of the end product, improve production capacity, cut operational expenditure, and also minimize environmental load.

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