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The commissioning works have been completed at the „Thermal Power Station-3, Astana“ in Kazakhstan

Jurby Watertech International

Dec 18, 2023

The equipment launch project was successfully finished at “Thermal Power Station-3, Astana”, Kazakhstan

The service and commissioning specialists of Jurby WaterTech have successfully completed commissioning works for the equipment and automatic control system of the water treatment plant at “Thermal Power Station-3, Astana”, Kazakhstan.


The production and supply of water treatment equipment were previously implemented by Jurby WaterTech, and in November 2023, the equipment launch project was successfully finished. The project was completed in a remarkably short period of just two months, meeting the agreed-upon deadline set by the customer.

Following the terms of the contract, specialists from Jurby WaterTech conducted mandatory training for personnel on equipment operation. Currently, they provide 24/7 remote technical support.


Key indicators of the water treatment complex:

1.       Softened water supply to the heat network: 266 m3/h;

2.       Desalinated water supply to the boiler: 25 m3/h.


In the year 2024, there are plans for the gradual commissioning of all four boilers at "Thermal Power Station-3, Astana." The operation of this facility is expected to contribute an additional thermal energy capacity of 440 Gcal/h to the capital of Kazakhstan.

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