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Jurby Water Tech presents a brand new product A – STREAM clarifier

Jurby Watertech International

Feb 19, 2024

High speed clarifier A – STREAM

Jurby Water Tech offers a new high-speed lamellar clarifier based on pulsation mode.

A-STREAM is used in MUNICIPAL and INDUSTRIAL water and wastewater treatment:

  •  Water Pre-treatment

  •  Backwash Water Treatment

  •  Primary and Secondary Settling

Clarification removes suspended solids from raw water and partially removes organic matter that can be coagulated.

Advantages of A – STREAM clarifier:

  •  High performance

  •  Customer – specific capacity

  •  Quick and easy installation

  •  Easy delivering

  •  Compact size

  •  Automatical operation

  •  Easy cleaning or replacement

  •  No corrosion

A – STREAM clarifier can be used as a pretreatment stage for potable water purposes, food and beverage industries, industrial wastewater treatment, desalination and process purposes in plenty of industries like metallurgical, power industry, oil refining and petrochemical industries.

More configuration options and additional equipment are available.

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