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Employee of the Month tradition is back!

Jurby Watertech International

Jun 16, 2023

Meet April and May employees of the month

We work together every day, but do we realize what every Jurby employee is doing? Do we notice the achievements, challenges our colleagues face, and the extra mile they go every day?

Jurby Watertech International decided to bring back The Employee of the Month elections to find out more about everyone's work, to feel the spirit of the company, and, of course, to motivate the team.

We already have two first winners: Kristina Plauskienė and Almantas Strabeika!

Kristina Plauskiene, employee of the month, April

Kristina (Employee of the April) - for the outstanding results in managing social media and marketing, and Almantas Strabeika (Employee of the May) - for the diligent daily work following strict quality requirements and going the extra mile for project needs.

Almantas Strabeika, employee of the month, May

Congratulations Team Jurby!

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