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Process proposal and technical support engineer in water treatment chemicals

Kaunas, Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuania

Job Type

Full Time



About the Role

• Technological calculation of chemical water treatment for cooling systems, boilers and RO
• Technical sales support, participation in negotiations with clients regarding the use of chemical water treatment, and answers to technical issues
• Collection and analysis of data on customers’ chemical water treatment, and development of technical recommendations for chemical water treatment
• Technical support and training of service engineers, sales managers, and distributors on the application and use of water treatment chemicals
• Collection of data and analysis of competitors’ chemical water treatment programs to compare their effectiveness with the company’s programs.
• Cooperation with the R&D department to develop new reagents
• Preparation of technical presentations for internal and external use
• Development of regulations and recommendations for commissioning and maintenance work
• Participation in the development of requirements for raw materials for the manufacture of water treatment chemicals and participation in the selection of raw materials
• Preparation of instructions, MSDS and other documents for the use of water treatment chemicals


  • Knowledge and experience in calculations and application of chemical water treatment for cooling systems, boilers, and RO

  • Knowledge of corrosion inhibitors and bio-dispersants

  • Knowledge of the control and monitoring system for the operation of chemical water treatment programs

  • Knowledge of water testing methods

  • Knowledge of water treatment quality parameters for cooling systems, boilers, and RO

  • Experience as a proposal or R&D manager in companies producing or selling water treatment chemicals

  • Knowledge of the market of water treatment chemicals and basic methods of chemical water treatment

  • Bachelor/master's degree in chemistry

  • Creativity, initiative, organizational and communication skills

About the Company

Jurby WaterTech International is European engineering and chemical company offering its clients secure superior solutions in the field of industrial and domestic / potable water purification and treatment. Jurby WaterTech International employs latest technologies, possesses planning and design abilities, high quality state-of-the-art manufacture of equipment, chemicals and component parts. The Company takes a customer-oriented individual and integrated approach to each problem solution.

We offer: effective technologies and solutions for water and wastewater treatment, technologies and chemical products for chemical water treatment, EPC-contracts.

Offices: UK, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan

Industries we serve:

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