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coal mining

Coal and mining

In the Coal Mining industry water is used in huge volumes for a variety of purposes, like dust suppression, processing, slurry transport and storage, extraction processes, and other usages. Usually, water is extracted from streams, groundwaters, rivers, lakes, and also through commercial water service suppliers.

Wastewater treatment is critical in coal mining. Both mechanical and chemical filtrations are needed to ensure that wastewaters are clean and won’t pose any threat to the ecosystems around them.

To meet high environmental and sustainability requirements Jurby Water Tech offers solutions covering all the processes, including Engineering and Chemical approaches in the following services:

  • A high-quality and comprehensive approach to the planning, design, and manufacture of water treatment systems;

  • Optimum, economically justified technological schemes of water treatment for new projects and already existing CWT systems;

  • Fulfillment of contracts for water treatment installation construction on ЕРС/EPCM (i.e. “turnkey”) terms;

  • Execution of contract supervision, and setting up and commissioning works;

  • Personnel training and guaranteed service;

  • Stabilized treatment of cooling water;

  • Correction treatment intended for steam boilers and heating systems;

  • Chemicals for membrane technologies.

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