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Chemical Industry

Water is the key raw material for enterprises in the different sectors of the Chemical industry. Water in chemical production plants is used for heating or cooling products and equipment, vacuum creation, steam production, preparation of solvents and reaction media, extractive or absorptive reagents, product rinsing, and distillation. Most of the technological processes take place at high temperatures and pressures, and this means that for such technologies demineralized high-purity water is required.


Water consumption in the Chemical industry is determined by production capacity, type of production and technology used, qualification of servicing personnel, and also by water resources at the enterprise. Tighter environmental requirements have given rise to new challenges for chemical and agrochemical industries: abrupt reductions in water consumption and wastewater production, and also the requirement for factories to start using zero wastewater discharge technologies. Water treatment and water purification systems from Jurby WaterTech International are applied to the following area in the chemical industry:

  • steam production

  • circulating water supply

To meet the needs and high requirements of the Chemical industry, our company offers water treatment intended for low, medium, and high-pressure boilers, and in addition to chemical industries, we also offer preparation of technological water using membrane and ion exchange technologies. 

Secure, high-performance solutions in the field of water purification and treatment for chemical and agrochemical industries are offered by the Engineering Division and the Chemical Water Treatment Division of Jurby WaterTech International.

To meet the needs of the chemical industry, the Engineering Division offers the following services:

  • A high-quality and comprehensive approach to the planning, design, and manufacture of water treatment systems;

  • Optimum, economically justified technological schemes of water treatment for new projects and already existing CWT systems;

  • Fulfillment of contracts of water treatment installation construction on ЕРС/EPCM (i.e. “turnkey”) terms;

  • Execution of contract supervision, and set up and commissioning works;

  • Personnel training and guaranteed service.

To meet the needs of enterprises in the Chemical industry, the Chemical Water Treatment Division offers effective water treatment programs for stabilization and correction designed for three technological fields:

  • Stabilized treatment of cooling water;

  • Correction treatment intended for steam boilers and heating systems;

  • Chemicals for membrane technologies.

The divisions’ chemical technologies and integrated solutions enhance the quality of the end product, improve production capacity, cut operational expenditure, and also minimize environmental load.

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