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Agro Industry

Water treatment is vital to the agricultural industry, from the removal of nutrients, pesticides, and sediments from surface and groundwater systems to a responsible approach to wastewater treatment.

Jurby Water Tech offers solutions for all ongoing processes, from design to production, installation, and after-sales service. Wastewater in the agro-industry can come from multiple sources:

  • Agricultural Effluent

  • Irrigation Overflow & Run Off

  • Equipment and heavy agricultural machinery washing

  • Plant and shed washing

  • Food Processing

  • Domestic & Commercial GreyWater and BlackWater (mostly in animal husbandry) and others.

The composition of agricultural wastewater can contain various pollutants, for example:

  • Organic matter

  • Nutrients (like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, etc.)

  • Inorganic matter (dissolved minerals)

  • Toxic chemicals

  • Other pathogens

To meet high environmental and sustainability requirements Jurby Water Tech offers solutions covering all the processes, including Engineering and Chemical approaches in the following services:

  • A high-quality and comprehensive approach to the planning, design, and manufacture of water treatment systems;

  • Optimum, economically justified technological schemes of water treatment for new projects and already existing CWT systems;

  • Fulfillment of contracts for water treatment installation construction on ЕРС/EPCM (i.e. “turnkey”) terms;

  • Execution of contract supervision, and setting up and commissioning works;

  • Personnel training and guaranteed service;

  • Stabilized treatment of cooling water;

  • Correction treatment intended for steam boilers and heating systems;

  • Chemicals for membrane technologies.

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