Mobile water treatment units


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Our company executes the water treatment projects based on the container plants that may be completed with a set of equipment required to meet the specific requirements for the purified water depending on the available water supply situation - both for the well water and the surface water (including the sea water).

The distinguishing feature of the container plants is their mobility. The plant dimensions and construction enable its unhampered transportation and quick on-site installation and connection to the networks and systems. All equipment is completely automated; the information may be transferred to the central processing unit (CPU) and the local control panel may be equipped with the display system.

Fulfilment of specific requirements

Subject to the operating conditions, the extra high requirements for the plant equipment: the low ambient temperature tolerance (up to -50ºC) and compliance with the explosion-proof and seismic stability requirements may be met. Engineering in accordance with the requirements of both GOST and the West-European standards or ASME codes is possible.


 All equipment is installed in the thermally-insulated heated container made of the low-temperature carbon steel. The container rigid frame is sheathed by the corrugated steel sheets and insulated with the mineral wool panels. The lifting lugs for handling of the entire plant and the units of its in-site anchoring to the base are provided for. The container is equipped with the automatic lighting and ventilation system; if required, the conditioning system may be supplied.


The design life of the plant is 30 years. GosStandart of Russia has issued a certificate of conformity, GOST P, as well as, a sanitation and epidemiological evidence for this type plants. All equipment is designed, manufactured, installed, and tested in the production facilities of our company in strict conformity to ISO 9001-2000 quality system requirements. The associated hardware is supplied by the well-known world manufacturers meeting the extra high requirements for the production quality and service life.

Wide range of process solutions

The required equipment, namely, the plants for clarifying, iron removal and softening, the membrane equipment of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, as well as, all equipment required for dosing of the necessary chemical agents and flushing of the process plants and pumping stations may be compactly located within the container. Depending on the processing chain complexity, an incorporation of several container plants is possible.


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