Water treatment systems AquaHard® and JurbyFlow®

The professionals of Jurby WaterTech International use in their solutions the advanced technologies and methods of water treatment and purification. The water treatment systems AquaHard® and  JurbyFlow® are the best engineering and design solutions using the latest technologies of filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electro-deionisation, ion exchange with downflow and upflow regeneration and more, subject to production and environmental requirements imposed by industrial enterprises and housing and public utilities sector. AquaHard® and JurbyFlow® water treatment systems implement the best technological and project designing solutions. It allows us to state that AquaHard® and JurbyFlow® technologies are ones of the most reliable, energy-saving and efficient.

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The Engineering Division employs state-of-the-art technologies and methods for solutions in water purification and treatment field. In water treatment systems AquaHard® and JurbyFlow®, superior technological, constructional and design solutions have been implemented. This allows us to maintain that AquaHard and JurbyFlow technologies are among most reliable, energy-saving and effective products. 

AquaHard ® Filtration technologies :

- technologies of pressure and gravity type filtration in the grainy layer of loading;

 AquaHard® Ion exchange upflow and straight flow technologies :

- water softening (Na-cationizing);
- decarbonization (Н-cationizing);
- demineralization.(Н-ОН - cationizing and anionizing, TSF (two stage sorbtion filters);
- Reconstruction of existing CWT systems:
Conversion of ion exchange filters with straight flow technology into those with upflow technology;
Complete automation of a CWT system;
Visualization of installation operation.

JurbyFlow® Membrane technologies :

- Ultrafiltration technology;
- Reverse osmosis technology, nanofiltration;
- Electrodeionization technology;


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