Service maintenance


In addition to the in-house Design and Construction Office, modern manufacturing facilities and Research and Development Centre, Jurby WaterTech International possesses its own Service Department. The warranty and post-warranty service maintenance of water treatment equipment produced by both Jurby WaterTech International and other manufacturers is one of the major tasks of the Department.


Service Department of Jurby WaterTech International meets the customer requirements as follows:


  • reduction of operating costs;
  • improvement of equipment operation reliability and, as a result, decreasing the probability of emergency situations;
  • lowering of operational staff costs;
  • competent service

Jurby WaterTech International’s Service Department employs experienced engineers and technologists, I&C engineers and pre-commissioning production engineers. The Department professionals perform the integrated and on-time works on maintenance of water treatment and water purification facilities of all degrees of complexity. Service Department of Jurby WaterTech International offers a full package of works: from replacement of consumables and calibration of control and measuring equipment to overhaul of equipment or reconstruction of the water treatment complex in whole.


Jurby WaterTech International’s Service Department provides:

  • on-time warranty and post-warranty service and technical support;
  • service maintenance of other manufacturers’ plants;
  • overhaul and modernization of existing installations;
  • preventive maintenance;
  • monitoring of water treatment complex operating condition;
  • site visits of maintenance teams of Jurby WaterTech International’s Service Department;
  • qualified consultations on water treatment plant operation;
  • replacement of consumables in the shortest time.

Through many years’ experience in manufacturing and operation of water treatment and purification systems, as well as, wastewater treatment plants, ООО Jurby WaterTech offers in addition to warranty maintenance

- service maintenance of equipment, which includes:

  • Consulting services via phone provided by the company’s experts at a time convenient to you;
  • Urgent response in extraordinary situations (within 2 to 3 days subject to object remoteness);
  • Constant training of Customer’s technical personnel to provide more skilful operation of equipment;
  •  Complex inspection of equipment carried out on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis (at the Customer’s discretion);
  • Continuous analysis of the equipment performance data with introduction of corrections in the operating regime depending on the changes in the raw water input.
  • Diagnostics of the equipment operation with prediction of failure of the equipment units and components;
  • Conduction of chemical cleanings and additional regenerations of equipment by highly-qualified personnel of ООО Jurby WaterTech.

- service and technical maintenance of equipment:

  •  Forming of a team of service specialists at the enterprise (with continuous professional development of employees).
  • Daily audit and maintenance of equipment in accordance with the operation manuals and technical certificates of units and components.

- transfer of equipment to outsourcing:

  • The Customer’s company receives the smoothly running equipment maintained by highly qualified personnel of ООО Jurby WaterTech.

The high quality maintenance of equipment enables to save the operating costs and extend the service life of equipment.

A warranty is provided for all types of services.


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