Research & Development Centre

R&D Centre of Jurby WaterTech International is a business unit of Chemical Water Treatment Division and Engineering Division. The main goals of the Research and Development Centre are to study the new prevailing trends in science and engineering and to develop and implement the technology innovations to meet the customer's requirements today and in future.
R&D Centre employs highly competent professionals of Doctors and Candidates of Chemical Science level and has at its disposal modern equipment and experimental base. It enables to make the right engineering solutions and to efficiently carry out the highly skilled expertise of the problem.


R & D Centre performance areas:

  • Selection of effective chemical treatment programs for correction and stabilization of different water systems;
  • Analytical research on new raw materials and development of new formulas and technologies;
  • Membrane technology processes;
  • Performance of scientific research and development work;
  • Investigation of specific problems related to Customer’s water systems;
  • Final process modelling on pilot installations, problem simulation and monitoring for technology effectiveness evaluation;
  • Development of economical, practical and ecological solutions;
  • Implementation and successive direct monitoring of new technologies at the Customer’s;

The scope of analytical research:

  • Natural and technological waters;
  • Corrosion control;
  • Analysis of scale and sediments;
  • Microbiological analysis;
  • Stability analysis

The R&D Centre is actively cooperating with academic organizations (RIT, RISR, NPP) in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, international water associations and laboratories of large-scale producers of raw materials worldwide. 


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