Engineering. Design

The international engineering company, Jurby WaterTech International, offers the superior process and engineering solutions and professional implementation of industrial and domestic/ portable water treatment and purification projects. The company possesses the best in Europe specialized design and construction office, modern and unique production and reliable service division.



The Engineering Division offers the full spectrum of high-performance services and high-quality execution of water treatment projects of all degrees of complexity:

  • Engineering, survey work, development of optimum water treatment process flowsheets for new projects, and also for partial or complete reconstruction of already existing chemical water treatment systems (CWT).
  • The best engineering and structural solutions  using AquaHard® and JurbyFlow® with application of state-of-the-art technologies of filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization, ion exchange with straight and upflow regeneration and others, based on technological and ecological requirements presented by industrial enterprises and the residential-municipal sector.
  • High-quality and comprehensive planning and design of water treatment systems, and preparation of planning and design documentation in compliance with norms and regulations valid in the Customer's country, including the following:

     - preparation of technical commercial evaluations and feasibility studies.
    -  preparation of operational constructional documentation for manufacturing and assembly of plants and systems
    -  Automated Control Systems for Process Management - development and programming development of installation documentation, preparation of executive documentation
    -  submission of project documentation to GosExpertiz
    -  project management 
    - preparation of technical, operational and permit-related documentation.
  • Verification of efficiency of selected technology via pilot tests on the customer's site, or in the company's laboratory.
  • High-quality and reliable equipment manufactured in our own production facility. Accurate and complete equipping of water treatment installations, delivery of equipment, consumables and component parts from our warehouses in Kaunas (Lithuania), Moscow (Russia) and Kiev (Ukraine).
  • Manufacturing and delivery of modern, reliable, container type stations for drinking water purification and waste water treatment to be used in settlements and small towns.
  • Automation of water treatment process. Development of Automated Control Systems and control process visualization. Data acquisition and backup regarding operation of installations delivered to power engineering facilities and the residential municipal (RM) sector.
  • Effective project management  in the field of water treatment, based on a customer-oriented and comprehensive approach, including complete diagnostics and analysis of customers' problems.
  • Construction erection work during all stages of construction or reconstruction of water treatment installations, when acting as General Contractor.
  • Contract supervision, start up and commissioning work performance precisely in accordance with work and time schedules, within the framework of the intended scope of work and time schedules provided in the contract.
  • Customer's personnel training in accordance with the training programme developed and agreed with the customer in advance.
  • Servicing, warranty and post-warranty maintenance work. On-line monitoring of the operating installations in real time, and data acquisition for archiving and tracking of equipment operation, with the aim of forestalling emergency situations and allowing preventative corrections to operating parameters before problems emerge.

During the planning and design stage, the use of state-of-the-art software, such as SolidWorks (three-dimensional modelling and simulation of technological installations) and АutoCAD Electrical, allows design of the most complex systems in the shortest time,  minimising the effect of the  "human factor" and eliminating possibilities for error.


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