A-STREAM high-rate clarifier


A-stream SD® is a high-rate clarifier, which guarantees the effective and low cost water pretreatment. It has proved its efficiency at sedimentation velocity 6-8 m/h.

1.jpg (thumb, 240x130)Operation principle

Operation is based on water pulsations, created by the reactor.

Unique pulse profile, created by the external air pressure, enables effective sedimentation of suspended particles.

Raw water is supplied to the reactor from which it is gradually pushed out to the clarifiers using air blower. At the end of this process, air release valve at the top of the reactor is opened, and this gives a sudden fall of water level in the clarifiers so providing kinetic power to the sludge, forcing it to the bottom, where it is further lead out.

nr1.jpg (thumb, 240x160)Construction principle

Clarifiers are made of polypropylene shell enclosed by the steel frame.

Clarifier shell contains case of three lamella shelves, water inlet/outlet and sludge outlet distributors.

Block of lamella shelves is an individual component which can be easy taken out from the clarifier for cleaning.

Application field

Effective surface water pretreatment for downstream treatment.


  • Low investment cost on equipment
  • Low operation cost
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Long service life ensured by corrosion resistant materials

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