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Water treatment complex for CJSC Moscow Brewing Company (MBC) has been fully commissioned. Interview.

mosbrew_logotype.png (regular, 305x116)The water treatment complex has been successfully commissioned within the framework of the project ‘’Expansion of a water treatment plant for preparation of process water up to 400 m3/h at CJSC Moscow Brewing Company’’.

The close-out of this project gave a good occasion for a short interview with the Head of Service Department, Acting Technical Director of Jurby WaterTech International , Aleksej Evgenjevich Vasiljev. The editorial staff of jurby.com website interviews Aleksej Evgenjevich on the execution of this project and the work of Commissioning and Service Department of the company’s Moscow Office.

Aleksej Evgenjevich, where will this equipment be used and what is it intended for?

I’ll start off with stating that CJSC Moscow Brewing Company is a long-time and strategically important partner of our company. Before, our company was engaged in execution of similar works on several projects with this Customer which have been successfully implemented and this is documented by the previous satisfaction reviews on the work * of Jurby WaterTech International got from the representatives of CJSC Moscow Brewing Company. 

Now I get to the last project.  Due to the growth in production at CJSC Moscow Brewing Company, as well as, for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of manufacturable market products, a set of operations on design, production, installation, set-up and commissioning of equipment and also training of Customer personnel has been performed during the course of the project ‘’Expansion of a water treatment plant for preparation of process water up to 400 m3/h at CJSC Moscow Brewing Company’’.

What helped you to launch the project without any Customer complaints?

The well-coordinated teamwork of all company departments and services is the flagship of implementation of projects, which, in its turn, helps us to dynamically respond to Customer wishes and, as a consequence, to avoid the possible Customer complaints and criticism.     

What is unique about this project?

You know, every project implemented by Jurby WaterTech International is unique in its own way. As my colleagues said it time and again before, our company is not a manufacturer of stereotyping equipment. The individual development of every company project enables to make these works interesting and unique.

 Aleksej Evgenjevich, what projects is the Commissioning and Service Department currently working on?

 A list of the Service Department’s projects is extensive and their geography is global. I can give you a number of the most milestone projects, such as:

  • Service maintenance of a water treatment plant at Surgutskaya GRES-2 Branch of E.ON Russia JSC.
  • Service maintenance of a complex for the final secondary treatment of desalinated water at Shaturskaya GRES Branch of E.ON Russia JSC.
  • And continued cooperation with Parsons Global Services Inc, USA.

On the whole, the analysis study for the Year 2013 contains a rather wide range of projects at both the contract conclusion phase and the pre-project phase.  We are happy that our customers and partners trust us; in some cases, they entrust us with their health. After all, it is commonly known that a man cannot live without water, and we make pure water, thus improving the quality of living, so to speak.    

* photo archive of facility are available using the following links

Reference. The initial capacity of the brewery of Moscow Brewing Company (Moskovskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya) is 2.4 million hectoliters per year with the planned stage-by-stage extension of production up to 6 million hectolitres/year. The Company supplies to the Russian market a wide range of beer and beverages, among which are the own trade marks: Mospivo, Zhigulevskoye and  Moskvas, the license brands: Oettinger, Faxe, Breznak, Cervena Selka,  Effect®, Coors Light, Bear Beer and Salitos, as well as, such import brands as Budweiser Budvar, Erdinger, Bitburger, Radeberger, Clausthaler, Bombardier, Perrier, Vittel, San Pelligrino, Pago and more.


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