2012 07 04

Unique Jurby WaterTech International’s project for ISC Gazprom Neft – Moscow Refinery

logo_en.gif (thumb, 115x54)In 2010, Moscow Refinery started development of the light naphtha isomerization plant. Thus, an ambitious enterprise modernization program planned to last until the year 2020 was launched. According to Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Management Board of ISC Gazprom Neft, “this scale project will enable Moscow Refinery to become one of the most efficient enterprises in the industry and maintain a commanding lead in the dynamic market of the central region”.

The light naphtha isomerization plant will produce a motor gasoline component with octane rating of up to 90.5 points. The plant capacity will reach 650 thousand tonnes per year. In other words, this plant will make it possible for Moscow Refinery to produce premium gasoline.

It is commonly known that the high-tech and reliable water treatment equipment is required for production of ultimate gasoline. At the moment, manufacturing of this equipment intended for Gazprom Neft - Moscow Refinery’s isomerization plant is nearing completion at Jurby WaterTech International’s production facilities in Lithuania. Jurby WaterTech International is engaged in execution of a set of works including design, performance of contract supervision and set-up and commissioning works for the condensate polishing unit and the water-chemical regime correction units for the steam boiler plant of the light naphtha isomerization plant at ISC Gazprom Neft - Moscow Refinery.

The uniqueness of this water treatment complex consists in the following: the initial condensate contains such hydrocarbons as hexanes, pentanes and heptanes and, in connection with this, the category of premises in which the condensate polishing equipment is to be installed requires the fire- and explosion-protected electrical equipment. The qualitative execution of this complexity project is quite a rare occurrence in the Russia’s market. However, Jurby WaterTech International has sufficient expertise, skilled and competent personnel and necessary manufacturing capabilities –everything that will enable to execute the project for JSC Gazprom Neft - Moscow Refinery to a high quality and professional standard.

To this must be added that Jurby WaterTech International also made provision of the chemical water treatment using JurbySoft 3 and JurbySoft 8 for maintenance of the required water-chemical regime and long-term operation of the isomerization plant steam boiler. This kit of chemicals is matched especially for inhibition of the steam boilers’ corrosion and scaling, as well as, maintenance of the optimum pH level. Let us remark here that this project is one of five projects presently executed by Jurby WaterTech International for JSC Gazprom Neft - Moscow Refinery.


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