2013 02 24

Seminar for Jurby WaterTech International’s suppliers was held: over 40 representatives from 29 companies, the world’s leading producers gathered together

img_2416.jpg (thumb, 215x161)The international engineering company Jurby WaterTech International gave a seminar-representation for suppliers. The seminar was held in the equipment manufacturing shop of the company Kaunas Office, the unconventional surroundings for the events of this type. As explained by Jury Vygnanets, Director of Kaunas Office and Marketing Director of Jurby WaterTech International, “the decision itself on conduction of such a seminar is out-of-the-box. As far as we know, none of our competitors hosts similar events, so we are unique in this direction. As the event is non-traditional, we selected a special location for its conduction – a place where our unique products “are born”.

 In the words of Jolita Gerciene, Supply and Logistics Director of WaterTech International, “the event was a success. We succeeded to convey to the suppliers the key information: our company makes quality products; therefore, we need those suppliers who can guarantee the quality of their goods and services. What is more, the volumes of purchases for the next two years are impressive; for that reason, we intend our partners to make ready for a large amount of work.  The suppliers themselves are satisfied with the event as, properly speaking, nobody else sets up similar suppliers’ meetings open to free communication”.  

During seminar, the production plan of the company for 2013-2014 was presented and the basic requirements for planned procurements were revised. A visit to the company’s production facilities in Kaunas was arranged for the seminar participants. According to Victor Redko, President & CEO of Jurby WaterTech International, “we try to be an “open-type” company. Earning the trust of our partners and colleagues is of importance to us. In our turn, it is essential for us to have the suppliers we can rely on. Major projects in the field of water treatment are in the company plans; therefore, it is important even now to select the reliable partners. We never make concessions to the quality of our products and services; consequently, the choice of reliable and recognised suppliers is of utmost importance to us”.

 Over 40 representatives from 29 companies, the world’s leading producers of raw materials, pumps, automation systems, metal goods and component parts for the water preparation and treatment processes took part in the seminar. A photo report of the event is available in the website Photo Gallery


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