2015 04 02

Reagent water treatment training was given in Kaunas office

2015-03-3109.33.02.jpg (thumb, 215x161)During this week, training for business partner Proficool FANS was given in Kaunas office of the company. The training theme was as follows: reagent water treatment for open cooling tower.

According to Jurby WaterTech International representatives, this kind of trainings not only brings new knowledge, but also gives a special opportunity to exchange the experience of work in different markets.

“Our company always actively supports events like this. This time guests from Proficool FANS company (Poland) and representatives of Moscow and Kaunas offices have participated in it. That’s why we can say, that training has reached the international status. Thanks to that, we had a great opportunity to share not only knowledge, but also to exchange the experience of work in different markets,” –director of Jurby WaterTech International Chemical Water Treatment Division Roamn Poyarkov comments.

For further information on Proficool FANS, use this link >>>


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