2012 04 19

Official information about unfair actions on the part of CJSC RAPC Mediana-filter

img_3180resized.jpg (thumb, 214x161)Jurby WaterTech International officially states that we more than once face the dissemination of negative information and false rumours directed against our company. CJSC Research and Production Company MEDIANA-FILTER misinforms the clients and partners of our company by propagating the information that does not reflect the reality. Such actions of CJSC Research and Production Company MEDIANA-FILTER create an extremely ailing situation on the market. We are sure that propagation of negative information serves as a good example of weakness and unfair competition and is absolutely unacceptable as regards the business ethics. For its part, Jurby WaterTech International considers the actions aimed at injuring the reputation and good name of our company on the market the most blatant violation of ethics of doing business. Lacking the opportunities to compete in the field of technological innovations, marketing, expertise and quality of executed projects, CJSC Research and Production Company MEDIANA-FILTER resorts to dissemination of ungrounded rumours and gossips.   

Some clients and partners addressed us with the information about the unfair actions on the part of CJSC Research and Production Company MEDIANA-FILTER. At present, the company’s lawyers prepare an action for protection of business reputation. Should you have similar information, we would be grateful for its furnishing. It will enable Jurby WaterTech International to stop at the very beginning the initiatives on propagation of false rumours that in turn is a great hindrance to the  normal development of the Russia’s water and wastewater treatment market.     

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