2011 04 24

News on Nyagan GRES project progress.

The second container-type domestic wastewater treatment plant for Nyagan GRES is prepared for shipment at the manufacturing facilities of Jurby WaterTech International in Lithuania. According to Vladimir Druzhin, Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Production and Logistics Division, at the present moment, the quality control works and other procedures required before the shipment of equipment are being carried out.

The company’s website www.jurby.com reminds us that early this year the containers (modules) to accommodate the processing equipment were manufactured. Later on, the works on electric wiring, lighting and heating were performed. Now, the production specialists are completing the installation of processing equipment and automated control system for the water treatment complex.

The water treatment complex for Nyagan GRES under construction will incorporate the following: 2 plants (container-type) for domestic wastewater treatment, 2 plants (block-modular type) for rainfall and snow-melt water treatment and 1 plant (block-modular type) for treatment of oil effluents up to the norms to be used in process water supply. This water treatment complex is intended for treatment of rainfall and snow-melt waters, utility fluids and oil effluents from the industrial site of Nyagan GRES structures and the auxiliary construction facility of Nyagan GRES.

Reference: Nyagan GRES (Nyagan, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region - Yugra) is one of the largest power plants in Russia. After completion of construction process, it will become one of the world’s largest heat power plants operating in latitudes further north than 62˚.  The construction of Nyagan GRES is carried out in 3 stages: after the start-up of power generating unit No 1 and power generating unit No 2, Nyagan GRES will generate 5.4 billion kWh per year and after the start-up of power unit No 3 – 8.6 billion kWh/year. The electrical capacity of each power generating unit will be 420 MW while the total capacity of NGRES will reach 1,260 MW.



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