2019 08 22

Long-term cooperation with our partner Industrial Group Fosforit Ltd. continues

fosforit.jpg (thumb, 230x161)The company Jurby WaterTech has carried out the design, supply and commissioning of  equipment for stabilizing recycling water treatment. A distinctive feature of this project is the supply of equipment in modular execution. Dosing station AquaDos allows to automatically carry out the required list of measurements and reagent dosing for prevention of scale formation, corrosion and microbial fouling. 

Industrial Group Fosforit Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of phosphate fertilizers   and animal fodder phosphates as well as sulfuric and phosphoric acids in North - West Russia. The products of Fosforit are known to customers in more than 70 countries. Industrial Group Fosforit Ltd. is part of the holding EuroChem Mineral & Chemical Co JSC. It is a large vertically integrated holding, unifying the whole chain, from the extraction of raw materials and engineering to finished product and delivering it to customers in different regions of the world.


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