2021 07 02

Launch of Reagent Treatment Plant at Miratorg-Kursk LLC

miratorg_kursk.png (thumb, 240x157)Specialists of the Chemical Water Treatment Division launched reagent treatment on the circulating cooling system of the 2nd stage equipment of the refrigeration and compressor facility of Miratorg-Kursk LLC.

This refrigeration compressor facility is the largest in Europe.

Stabilization treatment of  circulating water of the cooling system with reagents of JurbySoft line will allow operating heat exchange equipment (in particular, compressors of ammonia refrigeration units) in a scale-free mode with a minimum rate of corrosion processes

The launched dosing station operates in automatic mode and is integrated into the automated process control system of the facility. 

Agro-industrial company Miratorg is one of the largest meat (pork and beef) producers in Russia.


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