2017 03 12

JurbySoft program will be launched at OJSC Novomoskovskaya Joint Stock Company Azot

azot.jpg (thumb, 128x161)Jurby WaterTech International's technicians will launch JurbySoft program for stabilization treatment of circulating water at  OJSC  Novomoskovskaya Joint Stock Company Azot (Novomoskovsk, Russia). JurbySoft program will enable to prevent the problems of scaling, corrosion and microbiological fouling of heat-transfer equipment at methanol generation units. To optimize human resources, AquaDos automatic dosing system will be installed at the enterprise.

OJSC  Novomoskovskaya Joint Stock Company Azot (NAK Azot) is one of the Russia's largest chemical enterprises and second in production capacity of fertilizers and ammonia in Russia. The company operates as a subsidiary of Open Joint Stock Company Mineral and Chemical Company EuroChem.


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