2013 09 09

JurbyMix: multi-purpose filter media developed by Jurby WaterTech International

JurbyMix- dsc_4866_resize.jpg (thumb, 172x161)Thanks to continuous improvement of its technologies and services, Jurby WaterTech International offers the most up-to-date and superior solutions to its clients. After 3 years of laboratory research and investigation, the Company is ready to introduce in the market JurbyMix®, a new multi-purpose product for integrated water treatment.

JurbyMix® is a mixture based on ion-exchange and sorption materials. It is effective for:

- water softening;

- removal of iron;

- removal of manganese;

- removal of organic substances that results in reduction of colour index and oxidability.

Regeneration is performed using a brine solution.

The materials entering into composition of product differ in specific weight and granulometric composition that result in the media delamination during service in the required sequence.

The main advantages of product are as follows:

  • 2-in-1 effect: JurbyMix® filter media makes it possible to obtain the water quality objectives when using one filter in place of two filters, thus enabling to save costs of equipment and space for its placement;
  • multi-purpose usefulness: product is suited for treatment of water with different quality indicators;
  • reliability: product is developed based on over twenty-one year operational expertise of Jurby WaterTech International’s technical specialists in the field of engineering and chemical water treatment;
  • easy-to-use: no special experience is needed for application of JurbyMix®;
  • self-sufficiency: salt tablets - the only consumable material necessary for application of filter media. For this purpose, Jurby WaterTech International also offers the product under its own brand, JurbySalt®;
  • cheap and non-hazardous product: JurbyMix® meets all requirements for products to be used in food industry.

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