2015 11 19

Jurby WaterTech Internatonal carried out delivery of dosing station for Shchekinoazot JSC

sh.jpg (thumb, 240x46)Jurby WaterTech International provided the supply of automatic dosing station, AquaDOS for United Chemical Company Shchekinoazot.  

This equipment will be used for stabilization treatment of WCC circulating water at metanol M-450 production plant under construction. 

The plant can be considered unique as it is not only equipped with the main, but also stand-by dosing pumps. What is more, the biocide dosing pumps of high-power (155 l/h) and 380 V power supply are employed in it.

The dosing station is designed and manufactured in the way to provide its maximum integration into the WCC equipment control complex (signals from the station are transferred to the CPU where the station operating mode information is displayed); the station automatic operation capability using signals received from the Customer's equipment is also provided.

JurbySoft technologies has been successfully used at the plant of Shchekinoazot JSC (Tula Region, Russian Federation) since 2006. Today, United Chemical Company Shchekinoazot is a trading company which represents the interests of large Russian chemical companies that specialize in manufacture of heavy industrial chemicals, engineering plastics, synthetic fibers, special and consumer goods.


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