2011 06 16

Jurby WaterTech International’s water treatment complex for new energy source at the plant of Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine.

At present, a professional team of Jurby WaterTech International’s specialists is busy with finalizing the works on set-up and commissioning of water treatment complex while executing the cogeneration station project at the plant of Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine.

We would remind you that according to the technical assignment received from Subsidiary UTEM- Engineering AT Yuzhteploenergomtazh at the end of last year, the experts of Jurby WaterTech International have performed the design, manufacture, delivery and contract-supervision works of water treatment complex for the make-up of circulating system and boiler equipment steam cycle, as well as, for the recovery of heating system losses.

It is important to note that the cogeneration station project for the plant of Coca Cola Beverages Ukraine executed by Subsidiary UTEM- Engineering AT Yuzhteploenergomtazh on turnkey basis arose much interest among many Ukraine enterprises of food industry. By virtue of modular equipment configuration and closed process cycle inside the station, the building area and losses of energy while transmitting it for the technological processes are significantly reduced, thus producing, on the whole, a significant economic benefit. In generation of electrical energy by utilization of the end products of fuel combustion, this station will provide the plant with heat and cold while the utilization of exhaust gases will enable to produce carbonic acid in quantities required for manufacturing of beverages at the enterprise.



AT Yuzhteploenergomtazh is a major construction and erection company specializing in provision of a full range of turn-key services in performance of design, construction, reconstruction, modernization, repair, commissioning and start-up works for energy and industrial facilities and projects in the fields of metallurgy and petrochemistry


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