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Jurby WaterTech International’s Design Department: over 300 projects in 10 years

Design Department- img_4522_resize.jpg (thumb, 215x161)This year, Jurby WaterTech International’s Design Department marks its 10-year anniversary. In 2003, due to an increase in number of orders, a decision was taken to enlarge the Design Department. At that time, two design groups were formed and the Department structure that with some later changes made is efficient till now was created. The in-house Design Department of Jurby WaterTech International is one of the key business strengths of our company. Over the time of Division existence, it has developed over 300 projects with different levels of complexity, beginning with development of equipment for relatively small-scale production units and ending with design of a water treatment complex for the most powerful thermal power plant on the Eurasian continent. Currently, three Company Offices located in Kaunas, Moscow and Kiev employ 32 Department representatives. Jurby WaterTech International’s Design Department is Mini-Design Institute, a project office unique in employees’ professional standard and skill level in the field of water treatment not only in Lithuania, Russia or Ukraine.

Electricity, heat, fuel, water, juices and foodstuffs are merely several things without which we cannot imagine our everyday life. As for Design Department of Jurby WaterTech International, designing of water treatment and preparation systems used for production of these things is a daily duty of the Centre staff.

Tomas Saulenas, Head of Design Department, tells us about the day-to-day activities of the Department.

Tomas, could you please tell us how many projects Design Department works on at present? 

- At present, Design Department is engaged in hard and strenuous work on 12 ongoing projects. The contracts for only design works were signed under five of them while the remaining projects stipulate also the implementation activities.

- What projects are the most ambitious ones?

- The above mentioned 12 projects do not include our most large-scale projects that have been implemented by us just recently. I refer to Ekibastuz GRES-1 and GRES-2 projects. These projects can be regarded as the most large-scale work performed by us this year. The end of works on Ekibastuz GRES-1 fell on beginning of February while GRES-2 project was completed somewhere in March. Through well-coordinated team work, we managed to implement these projects in a very short time. All staff members of our Centre were involved in work on them.

Also, it is of importance to note among the other major projects of our company the contract with the Ryazan Oil Refinery Company (RORC).


How many professional employees does the Department employ and experts in what fields are they?


- Today, an experienced team of the Department unites technologists, heads of design groups, electrical and automation technicians, mechanical design engineers and programming specialists. A team of these professionals can implement a project from beginning to end and satisfy all customers’ needs. Kaunas Office accounts for 28 members of our staff.  


Is it planned to enlarge the Design Department?


- The number of projects in our Department does not decrease. We are always on lookout for professional and talented people to join our ranks. Our team is constantly growing. As I have already mentioned, today, Kaunas Office employs 28 people while in 2012 it numbered 21. So, it may be said that the enlargement takes place slowly but steadily. It is not so easy to recruit the personnel with qualifications we need. But we are always pleased to welcome them to our new team members. We also pay careful attention to the training of personnel. In addition, I would like to mention that aside from the staff member competence, personal qualities are also of utmost importance to us. We set a high value on the individual’s ability to be fully integrated into our team, his/her teamwork skills and willingness to share experience and knowledge with colleagues. Only through teamwork can you attain good results.  


How often is training of the Department staff members conducted?

- Training is held on a regular basis. Quite recently, training organised for technicians of Chemical Water Treatment Division was conducted in Kaunas Office of the Company. We also take active part in external training sessions. We constantly meet with manufacturers and suppliers at presentations of their innovative products and services and try to use the information acquired and knowledge gained in our projects. Thus, it is safe to say that we continually improve our knowledge and skills. Furthermore, our experts are constantly invited to take part in seminars, study courses and meetings with manufacturers held in other countries. At the present time, we take part in competition for receipt of funding from the European Union. We intend that our staff members should go abroad to participate in appropriate training courses in order to upgrade their skills. All of this is done to provide them with the opportunity for professional development to increase their knowledge and skills aiming at improving their value as employees and, consequently, the value of the company.  

- Thank you for interview


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