2015 04 29

Jurby WaterTech International will provide maintenance service at Moscow Refinery

Jurby WaterTech International entered into maintenance agreement with ISC Gazprom Neft-Moscow Refinery. The works will be performed in three directions:

  • Maintenance  service of equipment for water desalination using the two-stage reverse osmosis method for a plant of technical grade hydrogen production from hydrocarbon gases with preremoval of hydrogen sulfide and two-stage removal of carbon monoxide from them.
  • Maintenance  service of а water desalination plant for а circulating water supply unit.
  • Maintenance  service of the water treatment plant equipment for a nitrogen production unit with a booster compressor.

Let us recall that in 2012 at Gazprom Neft-Moscow Refinery, Jurby WaterTech International put into operation the water treatment equipment for isomerizatin plant. The company technicians performed the full range of works including the design, manufacture, contract supervision and set-up and commissioning for a condensate polishing unit and the water-chemical regime correction units of the light naphtha isomerization steam boiler at ISC Gazprom Neft-Moscow Refinery.


The uniqueness of this water treatment system is that the initial condensate contains hydrocarbons (hexane, pentane and heptane), for which cause the category of rooms in which the condensate polishing equipment is to be installed requires the explosion-proof and flame-proof electrical equipment. The qualitative execution of this complexity project is quite a rare occurrence in the Russia’s market.


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