2014 09 19

Jurby WaterTech International will perform works on modernization of equipment for MPMGF

1351764511.jpg (regular, 180x180)Jurby WaterTech International will perform works on modernization of existing equipment at PJSC Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing Groats and Feeds (MPMGF) that is a part of a group of companies Myronivsky Hliboproduct. Our company's own Service Department consider the rebuilding of a water treatment plant intended for a steam boiler-house with the replacement of major components and filter media to be the main tasks. In the course of works, the capacity of equipment will be increased from 12 to 15 m3/h. The replacement of control valves, fitting pipe, ion-exchange resin and saline systems will be effected at the facility.  

Also worth noting is that the plant that was put into operation by our company at the object in 2004 has been smoothly running for 10 years.  All aspects of depreciation were taken into consideration in the plant design; therefore, currently, the replacement will involve no difficulty. One more similar water treatment system for a new boiler was brought into service at this facility in 2005.

PJSC MPMGF was founded in 1979. At present, the enterprise storage capacity amounts to 250 thousand m3. As to the Year 2012, the enterprise produced around 448 thousand tonnes of feeds and  about 120 thousand tonnes of sunflower oil. 


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