2012 09 06

Jurby WaterTech International will deliver a report at “Mineral Fertilizers 2012” Conference

logo.jpg (thumb, 166x62)Director of Engineering Divison, Cand.Sc. (Engineering) Dmitry Repin and Head of Chemical Water Treatment Department Roman Poyarkov, the representatives of the international company Jurby WaterTech International, will take part in the International Conference “Mineral Fertilizers 2012”, (10 September 2012, Baltschug Kempinski Moscow Hotel, the Conference organiser- CREON Energy).  At this event, the Engineering Division Director will deliver a report on “Organization of Water Management at Fertilizer Production Facilities: New Challenges of the RF Wastewater Legislation and Operating Cost Savings”.

Please find below a brief summary of the report to be delivered at the Conference by Director of Engineering Divison, Cand.Sc. (Engineering) Dmitry Repin. The full report will be published on our website after the Conference.

Summary of report “Organization of Water Management at Fertilizer Production Facilities: New Challenges of the RF Wastewater Legislation and Operating Cost Savings”.
Author: Dmitry Repin, Cand.Sc. (Engineering), Engineering Division Director.

Presently, quite a number of companies specializing in mineral fertilizers production implement the programs on modernization of wastewater treatment plants, water circulation cycles and water treatment systems. It is connected with both the toughening of the environmental laws and regulations of the Russian Federation and the necessity to reduce the operating expenses on water management. At the same time, in spite of an urgent need for these measures and great attention given to them, their implementation is not system-oriented, but is aimed at specific objects of the water management infrastructure.   

The use of a complex approach to organization of water management enables to significantly reduce the amount of necessary investments and simplify the range of problems on a scale of the whole enterprise.

For example, the transfer of the water desalination system from chemical treatment method to membrane technologies results in reduction of salt content in wastewater of the water treatment plant that will enable to use this drain in combination with the up-to-date methods for stabilization of water treatment as make-up water for the recycling cooling water system reducing the consumption of raw water by this system. Simultaneously, this method helps to solve the problem of treatment of the salt-containing wastewater that requires considerable capital and operating expenditures.  

This example illustrates the efficiency of the enterprise-wide use of a complex approach; however, it requires from the Contractor the expertise simultaneously in several fields: 

- Water treatment plants
- Wastewater treatment plants
- Up-to-date methods of correction of recirculating water treatment.

The proper understanding of the existing and planned water balance at the enterprise by its technical services is one more strong factor in modernizing water management.  The common error in reconstruction of systems is the lack of prediction of the enterprise water consumers, taking into account the fact that the service life of the water and wastewater treatment equipment is not less than 20 years. 


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