2012 02 28

Jurby WaterTech International will deliver a high-power water treatment complex to the largest poultry farm in Europe, Vinnytsia Broiler

vinnickiy_broyler_jurby4.jpg (thumb, 215x161)In 2010, Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP, Kyiv) began the construction of Vinnytsia Poultry Farm near Ladizhin (Vinnytsia Region, Ukraine). The production capacities of this poultry farm will exceed twice the capacities of operating Myronivka Poultry Farm, the largest in Ukraine and one of the largest in Europe. The construction of a filtration plant with the capacity of 15 000 m3/day (the overall planned capacity amounts to 25 000 m3/day) is the first stage of the new farm construction.

It must be noted that in selecting the supplier of technology and equipment, Myronivsky Hliboproduct considered two projects:

- the first project proposed by HydroTech Engineering provided for average capital costs and high operational costs;
- the second project was proposed by Jurby WaterTech International. It is notable that our project involved slightly higher capital costs, but low operational costs and, as a result, the low cost of 1 m3 of treated water.

Taking into consideration the fact that Jurby WaterTech International’s equipment is intended for long-term operation with the minimum operating costs, the management of Myronivsky Hliboproduct decided in favour of our company.

In autumn of 2011, Jurby WaterTech International delivered a complex of water treatment equipment to the Customer’s site. The water treatment equipment consists of the following:

- Pre-treatment equipment composed of a coarse filter unit, clarifiers, DynaSand gravity filtration plants, coagulant and flocculant preparation units and sodium hypochlorite injectors.  
- Sludge dewatering equipment.

 The works on installation of supplied equipment were commenced in Quarter IV of 2011. The plant handover for commissioning is scheduled for Quarter II of 2012. Read about the progress of this project in the news block of our website.


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