2017 07 14

Jurby WaterTech International technologies assembled and ready for shipping

20170714_eng.jpg (thumb, 240x160)Jurby WaterTech International provides a turn-Key water treatment plant to Yuzhnouralsk Thermal Power Plant which located in Chelyabinks Oblast and owned by Inter RAO to guarantee the water quality required for the process. This project was launched in 2014 and includes a high efficiency Siemens AG gas with state of the art steam turbines and ZiO-Podolsk boiler to supply the power required, reaching an efficiency up to 54.8%.

Jurby WaterTech International is a trustworthy company, which is able to fulfill its obligations on time and before the appointed time, therefore this new project shows the high capacity of Jurby WaterTech International as a project developer of water treatment solutions required in the power sector.



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