2011 09 22

Jurby WaterTech International proceeded to the second stage of manufacture of 1650 m3/h water treatment complex for the Russia’s housing and utility facility

The powerful water treatment complex designed for preparation of drinking water at the treatment facilities of the water pipeline complex Dugino (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) consists of four reverse osmosis (RO) plants. At the present time, the first RO plant has been manufactured at Jurby WaterTech International’s production facilities. Last week, the hydraulic pressure tests of this plant were successfully completed. As explained by Jury Kovalenko, a production engineer of Production and Logistics Division: “the works on manufacture of the first plant were performed according to fixed schedule. Simultaneously with the hydraulic pressure tests of this RO plant, our production technicians continue assembling of the second reverse osmosis plant scheduled to be finished until 7 October”.

Visit the company’s website Photo Gallery to have a look at photographs of manufacture of the water treatment system for the treatment facilities of the water pipeline complex Dugino (Rostov-on-Don, Russia).

 Jurby WaterTech International undertook to perform a full range of works: the experts of the in-house Design Office designed and prepared the project documentation for the complex that is now in the process of assembling at the production facilities of Jurby WaterTech International. The other corresponding Jurby WaterTech International’s divisions will also perform the installation, set-up and commissioning and start-up works of the water treatment complex with 1650 m3/h capacity.   

 Reference. At full sea, the sea water enters the reservoir which supplies Rostov-on-Don city with drinking water. Jurby WaterTech International’s water treatment complex will be used for the desalination of sea water. This water treatment complex is only a part of the global project “Complex Program of Construction and Reconstruction of Water-Supply and Water Disposal Objects in Rostov-on-Don and South-West of Rostov Region”. According to Rostov-on-Don authorities, the main objectives of this program are the erection of water intake in Dugino village with construction of the water intake structure itself and two 18 kilometres raw water conduits plus the construction of water treatment facilities in Rostov-on-Don.

Rostov-on-Don consumes 360 thousand cubic metres of water per day.


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