2013 06 14

Jurby WaterTech International offers integrated solutions in the field of water management meeting the up-to-date requirements of environmental regulations

Jurby WaterTech International- img_3178.jpg (thumb, 215x161)The current requirements of environmental legislation of the Russian Federation imply complete treatment of wastewaters of industrial enterprises to bring their quality to the rated level (as a rule, MPC for water of a certain reservoir). Presently, at the majority of plants and factories, wastewaters undergo local treatment, thereafter they are discharged to drain. However, their quality does not conform to the rated values. Therefore, during establishment of new enterprises or reconstruction of the existing ones, the new methods and solutions meeting the applicable legal requirements are needed.

Jurby WaterTech International has developed a technology platform for implementation of waterworks under the new environmental conditions. We present to your attention a customer satisfaction review of a unique project on integrated waste water treatment for CCCP (combined-cycle cogeneration plant) in Nizhny Novgorod executed by our company>>>


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