2013 07 11

Jurby WaterTech International is among TOP-12 customers of Siemens in the Baltic region

vd3y3595_resize.jpg (thumb, 240x160)Cooperation between Jurby WaterTech International and Siemens OY Lithuanian Branch was established over 15 years ago. In this period, using Siemens equipment, Jurby WaterTech has implemented quite a number of projects, among which are Schostkinskaya TPS (Ukraine) and Surgutskaya GRES-2 (Tyumen Oblast, Russia) projects. Today, the companies do not only continue development of ongoing projects, but also see hopeful prospects for future cooperation. This is a matter of our talk with Rokas Latkauskas, Director of Siemens Osakeyhtio Lithuanian and Latvian branches. 

Rokas, tell us, please, what is your assessment of cooperation with Jurby WaterTech International?

- We may say about strengthening of our cooperation with Jurby WaterTech International. Both Siemens and Jurby WaterTech gather pace and, as a result, the cooperation between our companies is deepening. Much depends on mutual understanding. Many Siemens’ corporate officers have been with the company for a long time and the key personnel in Jurby WaterTech has slightly changed. In my opinion, the cooperation between companies depends largely on mutual understanding between the people who perform these functions.

- What do you think of prospects for cooperation between our companies?

- Generally speaking, business may be both predictable and unpredictable. In our situation, taking into account our previous dealings with Jurby WaterTech for over 15 years, as well as, considering the references of this company, the way in which it develops and plans its business for the future, it is fair to say that Jurby WaterTech is on the right track. The company’s reference-list speaks for itself; it contains the names of the largest companies in Russia, Kazakhstan and throughout Europe. And we speak only of projects. Also, there is a growth of Jurby WaterTech as a manufacturing company specializing in water treatment equipment and plastic production. The work management and operational efficiency are improving. To treat it realistically, we evaluate the operation of the company positively and consider that we really have promising common prospects for growth in this recovering market.

Can we state that Jurby WaterTech International is one of major customers of Siemens in the Baltic region?

- As far as volumes are concerned, Jurby WaterTech International is undoubtedly among our TOP-20 major partners in industrial sector. As to manufacturing and engineering companies of the Baltic region, Jurby WaterTech falls within TOP 12. Your company is one of our most important and large customers.

Thank you for interview.



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