2011 12 06

Jurby WaterTech International informs about assignment to a position of chief waste water treatment technologist

On 21 October 2011, one more European-level specialist joined the international team of Jurby WaterTech International. Chris Ten Bohmer was assigned to a position of a chief waste water treatment technologist of Jurby WaterTech International.

The responsibilities of Jurby WaterTech International’s chief waste water treatment technologist include: technology matching, elaboration of technical parameters and specifications of the waste water treatment equipment, development and implementation of flotators, aerobic and anaerobic treatment (IC, UASB, etc) and MBR technologies, technical consultations, training of company personnel and clients, development and implementation of Research & Development Program.  


Chris Ten Bohmer, a chief waste water treatment technologist of Jurby WaterTech International, says about the high priority tasks set before him: “First of all, I am happy to join the Jurby team. People here are friendly, highly professional and know their work well. Preparation of a team of our specialists for work on the current and future projects, development of the company program of development in the field of waste water treatment and, of course, technical support of the sales group are among my priorities”. 


Chris Ten Bohmer has earned Master’s Degree at Technical University, Delft, the Netherlands, with a specialization in chemical engineering. He has over 18 years’ experience of work in the field of advanced waste water treatment and water treatment technologies. The previous places of employment of Chris Ten Bohmer were such large engineering companies, as Veolia Water, Parsons Engineering and Seghers Engineering Water.


Chris Ten Bohmer
E-mail: chris.aqua@jurby.com
Tel.: +370 37 421 401, fax: +370 37 421 400


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