2013 07 11

Jurby WaterTech International has performed modernization of equipment at chemical shop of Kremenchugskaya HPP (Poltavaoblenergo OJSC, Ukraine)

1338058931_krem_tets.jpg (thumb, 237x161)A task for modernization of equipment of chemical shop at Kremenchugskaya HPP (OJSC Poltavaoblenergo, Kremenchug,  Ukraine) giving due consideration to improvement of technology, reduction in water use for plant needs and automation of water treatment processes was set before the international company Jurby WaterTech International.

The technical experts of our company have performed modernization of chemical shop equipment at Kremenchugskaya HPP, including a complete set of works: manufacturing, delivery, installation supervision, start-up and commissioning of equipment for preparation of water of the water pre-treatment unit, as well as, supply of materials for modernization of hydrogen - cation exchanger with transition of its operation to the countercurrent regeneration system.

This object has been successfully put into operation.

Engineering content of project on modernization of chemical shop equipment at Kremenchugskaya HPP

The updated water treatment equipment consists of:

  • Coagulant dosing unit
  • Flocculant preparation and dosing unit                                                                
  • Lime dosing unit
  • Materials and  component parts for modernization of first-stage hydrogen - cation exchanger with its transition to the countercurrent technology

The following works have been executed at Clarifier No 3:

  • lime process automation with installation of pH-value control;
  • replacement of existing plunger-type lime milk dosing pumps by modern energy-efficient variable-speed pumps;
  • Injection of flocculant was used to intensify the coagulation process. The use of flocculant with dosage of 0.3 – 0.6 mg/l results in increase of coagulated water clarity, sludge dewatering, agglomeration of coagulated suspension flocks and increase in sludge sedimentation rate, and, at that, the coagulant dosage is decreased from 0.7 mg-equ/l to 0.2 mg-equ/l. The delivery of an automated package makedown system is carried out.
  • For the purposes of improvement and for the coagulant dosing system, a replacement of the existing plunger-type pumps by an automated reagent dosing system based on modern dosing pumps is made.

The works on modernization of the existing hydrogen - cation exchanger with transition of its operation to the countercurrent regeneration system are performed. The effect of improvement of filtrate quality and reduction in counterflow reagent consumption is reached by virtue of the fact that, first, the less contaminated output resin beds are regenerated by the fresh solution. Herewith, the reagent excess in these beds providing deep water purification exceeds several times the rated one. The use of countercurrent ionization technology has some advantages over a cocurrent scheme:

  • almost two-fold increase in leak bed capacity of filter due to ionite properties and possibility to fill the filter with ionite almost fully;
  • almost two-fold reduction in use of water for plant needs and, consequently, two-fold reduction in amount of wastewater;
  • reduction in volume of filter media;
  • decrease in reagent (acid) consumption;
  • increase in filter life through use of modern anticorrosive materials for internal coating of filters

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