2017 11 24

Jurby WaterTech International has been selected to implement the runoff storm water treatment plant in the company AKRIKHIN

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AKRIKHIN is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that produces effective, affordable and high quality medicines in the most popular therapeutic areas in Russia. The company is in the top 5 leading local pharmaceutical producers by sales on the Russian market.

The purpose of this project is to treat high polluted storm water and purify the treated effluent according to Russian environmental standards. The technical solution consists of 3 stages, in the first stage runoff stormwater is treated with electro-mechanical equipment in order to remove big amount of solids and debris, the second stage implements filtration and disinfection treatments to produce clean water for technical purpose, the third stage is implemented to treat the sludge produced in the plant.


Stage 1: Mechanical pretreatment with a maximum capacity 1550 m3/h includes:

  • Coarse screens installed in channel;
  • Scrappers installed in channel for grit and sand removal;
  • Sand separation treatment.

Stage 2: Advance treatment to produce clean water with a maximum capacity of 100 m3/h includes:

  • Dissolved air flotation units;
  • Anthracite and active carbon filters;
  • Ultraviolet disinfection units.

Stage 3: Sludge treatment maximum capacity of 4 m3/h includes:

  • Sludge mixing tank;
  • Polymer dosing station;
  • Screw press.


The scope of works of Jurby WaterTech International is the following:

  • Conceptual design;
  • Detail engineering (process, mechanical, electrical and automation and structural design);
  • Procurement of electromechanical equipment, accessories, instrumentation, etc.;
  • Production of the filtration technologies in our own workshop;
  • Complete installation of the new technologies, electromechanical equipment and piping;
  • Commissioning and startup;
  • Handing over to client.

 Jurby WaterTech International demonstrate its capability to develop the best technical solutions also for the runoff storm water treatment.





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