2012 10 24

Jurby WaterTech International fosters interest in water from school-days.

img_2009.jpg (thumb, 215x161)The international company Jurby WaterTech International enters into cooperation with general education institutions.  Recently, a field trip to Jurby WaterTech International’s Kaunas Office was organised for pupils of Forms 4-5 of A. Pushkin School. Jury Vygnanets, Vice-President of Jurby WaterTech International and Director of Kaunas Office noted: “In the first place, we would like to fix the attention of pupils to the pure water problem and to convince the children of the importance of use of pure and treated water in our daily lives.  In the second place, children at this age generally ask themselves:  What will I be when I grow up? Maybe, this trip will help children to choose their vocation.  Who knows, it may well be that ten years later, we will see in our company the young professionals, who used to be the participants of the field trip to Jurby or took part in other projects to be organised by the company”. During the trip, Vladimir Druzhin, Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Production and Logistics Division, told the children about the basic principles of water treatment and showed the assembly area of AquaHard and JurbyFlow equipment and AquaShell и ROShell composite pressure tanks and vessels production facilities. A field trip of pupils to Jurby WaterTech International’s Kaunas Office is the first activity in a comprehensive programme of cooperation between our company and schools.

Use the following link … to obtain the trip photo-report. 


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