2013 09 26

Jurby WaterTech International entered into agreement with LUKOIL-Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC

lukoil_logo.jpg (thumb, 161x161)Jurby WaterTech International entered into agreement for design and delivery of equipment for “Modular Biological Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant for Treatment Works Complex at Facility Djarkuduk Field Support Base ” owned by LUKOIL-Uzbekistan Operating Company LLC.

The scope of complete delivery of the biological domestic wastewater treatment plant consists of technological equipment and automation means as follows:

  • surge vessel;
  • mechanical treatment plant;
  • biological treatment plant;
  • decontamination unit;
  • fine purification unit;
  • sludge treatment unit;
  • automatic control system;
  • technical and shipping documentation;
  • spare parts for two years of operation

This station enables to significantly reduce the ecological damage from daily living activities of personnel under the conditions of work at the mineral deposit. The station operates automatically and is normally unattended that is particularly significant under shortage of manpower. 

It is a reminder that Jurby WaterTech International maintains cooperation with other companies of the LUKOIL Group, such as:

  • LUKOIL-Neftohim Burgas JSC
  • LUKOIL-Neftekhim CJSC
  • LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez OOO
  • LUKOIL Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez OJSC

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