2012 07 26

Jurby WaterTech International Company Information on a New Appointment

repin.jpg (thumb, 134x161)On the 24 th of July 2012, a new Director of Engineering Division  and vice-president of Jurby WaterTech International was appointed  -  Dmitrij Aleksandrovich Repin. Dmitrij Aleksandrovitch has been working with the Company since the year 2010, his previous position has been that of Chief Technology Officer of Jurby WaterTech International company and Deputy Director General for Science and Technology at Moscow office of the Company. Director of Engineering Division is responsible for Division management – marketing, sales, Division budgets, technology policy, research and development, financial performance of the Division, rules and procedures related to work at the Division.

Information in brief:

Dmitrij Aleksandrovitch Repin was born on 31-05-1983.

2000-2006 – Moscow Power Engineering Institute (specialty - Water and Fuel Technology at thermoelectric and nuclear power plants)

From 2009 – Моscow Power Engineering Institute (specialty – Enterprise Economy)

D.A. Repin is a Candidate of Technical Sciences, two times he has received awards and grants for scientific research, and also has received a grant in accordance with the UMNIK (Participant in Youth-Innovation Competition) programme by Moscow authorities and awarded a nominal grant by the office of Moscow mayor.
D.A. Repin has published some scientific works (among them – those in EPRI and Teploenergetika journal)                                                                                                                                                                                         

Additionally, D. Repin since 2004 has been working as Head of VNIIAM (Moscow) laboratory and has been responsible for various type research in the sector of water treatment, also he has been delivering lectures at Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Water and Fuel Technology Department).


Contact data of Director of Engineering Division at Jurby WaterTech International company:

e-mail: repin.mos@jurby.com
phone: +7 495 408 40 80


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