2014 11 19

Jurby WaterTech Intermational participated in unique project of Baltika Breweries LLC

Jurby WaterTech International has delivered to Baltika Breweries LLC an equipment for unique wastewater treatment plant. Please find below the Customer's Press-Release.




A unique project in the sphere of reduction of energy consumption is implemented at the Baltika-Samara Brewery: an advanced wastewater treatment plant that is unequalled in Russia is put into operation. The system will enable to significantly save the water resources through the reuse of treated water from the biological treatment plants (BTP) for process needs of the subsidiary's boiler-house and refrigerating-compressor station (RCS).

Following the launch of the project, the water consumption indexes will be reduced by 12 to 15% while the flow of effluents transmitted to the Samaravodokanal public system after their treatment at the enterprise BTP will be decreased by 7%.

The technology employed in an advanced treatment system is based on the use of modern clarification method- ultrafiltration, which provides the operating convenience and efficient removal of suspended solids and organics.

It bears reminding that artesian wells are the source of water supply of the brewery. All production wastewaters are treated at the BTP and then are fully transmitted to the public utilities. 

"Protection of the environment is one of the priority areas of activity of the Company. We tend to use all energy sources with the best efficiency. The automated energy control, assessment and management systems are installed at all company breweries in Russia. The biogas generated at the breweries' treatment facilities of Khabarovsk, Samara, Yaroslavl and Tula subsidiaries is then used as alternative fuel. The dry cooling technology is employed in Samara: the installed equipment permits the use in wintertime of a natural source of cold, freezing ambient air, as a cooling medium. We always introduce the state-of-the-art technologies and programs enabling to save the natural resources", Alexander Evdokimov, chief power engineer of Baltika-Samara Brewery, notes. 

Due to the introduction of in-house projects, starting in 2010, Baltika cut down the consumption of water by 11%, energy - by 12.9% and heat power – by 12.6%. For this very period, СО2 emissions were reduced by 13.1%.

The project for reduction on the consumption of process water for auxiliary operations was executed jointly by the international technology and engineering company, Jurby WaterTech International.

"The project is challenging primarily in that it is unique in Russia. In any way, no similar project not only in the brewing industry, but also in the whole Russia's industrial sector has come to our notice. The complete technological chain was developed from scratch. The result is successful commissioning of a new advanced treatment system which will enable to significantly lower the consumption of water resources", Juriy Skumatov, Jurby WaterTech International' project manager, stresses.


Baltika Breweries LLC, part of the Carlsberg Group, is one of the biggest Russian FMCG companies; from 1996 it has been No. 1 on the Russian beer market. Baltika owns 10 breweries in Russia and has a wide brand portfolio. The company is a significant part of Carlsberg Group and its Eastern Europe region, which also includes Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Baltika Breweries is a leading exporter of Russian beer: its products are represented in more than 75 countries around the world and about 67% of the entire Russian beer export fall to the share of the Company. The Baltika brand rates first in Europe in sales (Euromonitor 2013).

Baltika integrates the corporate social responsibility in all business areas. Protection of the environment is one of the priority areas of its activity in this field. The Company constantly carries out the work on the reduction on the use of natural resources, mitigation of CO2 emissions and optimization of waste operations. The Company implemented an environmental management system in compliance with ISO 140001 standard; corporate environmental policy is pursued. 

Jurby WaterTech International is an international technology and engineering company with over 20 years of experience in designing and offering the integrated solutions and technologies in the field of water treatment, purification and use, as well as, wastewater treatment for all industry sectors, human life and activities and infrastructure projects. The Company takes a customer-oriented individual and integrated approach to each new order. 

Jurby WaterTech International employs latest technologies and possesses planning and design abilities, high quality state-of-the-art manufacture of water treatment plants, chemicals and component parts and professional project management. 

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