2011 04 24

Interview with Sales and Marketing Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Engineering Division

Аudingas Konderauskas, Sales and Marketing Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Engineering Division, answers the website www.jurby.com. questions.


What projects does the company work on at present? What projects can be referred to as the largest ones?

There are a lot of such projects. Among the major projects in the energy sector are such projects as Surgutskaya GRES-2 (Russia), Niaganskaya GRES (Russia), Astana TPP-2 (Kazakhstan), Shostka TPP (Ukraine) and Stepnogorskaya TPP (Kazakhstan). As to food industry, we work on the projects as follows: OOO Bochkarev Brewery (Russia), OOO Brau Service (Russia), Baltika-Voronezh, Branch of OAO Baltika Breweries (Russia), Moscow Brewing Company (Moskovskaya Pivovarennaya Kompaniya) (Russia), UTEM Engineering Соса-Соlа (Ukraine) and many more. In the oil refining complex, our company is engaged in execution of works on CJSC Antipinsky Oil Refinery (Russia) project. I may also add to the aforesaid that recently, we entered into a big agreement in the Ukraine’s agro-industrial complex. The company commenced works on the project for supply of water treatment system for OAO Myronivsky Hliboproduct (Ukraine). 

What principles is the company guided by in execution of projects and in its work with customers?

The principal guidelines in the company’s activity are the customer satisfaction and loyalty. With this aim in view, we provide the optimal matching of technology based on the customer needs and customer assistance in formation of his optimal needs, as well as, perform the equipment design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance and, of course, guarantee the highest quality of equipment. We offer the optimum price in selection of materials and fixtures. We ensure the installation, commissioning and start-up of equipment within the established time limits and also the on-time service.  

What is your opinion as Sales and Marketing Director of strong aspects of Jurby WaterTech International’s activity?

As of today, the well-established reputation of a producer of the quality and competitive products having the in-house manufacturing facilities, the well-proven know-how technologies and efficiently operating design department may be attributed to the company’s credit. Furthermore, while providing the European level quality of products and service, we do not lose touch with realities and needs of customers in Russia and other CIS-countries. We think in Russian-style and work as the Europeans.   

How can you comment the rumours of Moscow office staff reduction?

At the moment, it is not the question of staff reduction in Moscow office. The company is progressing and new challenges are offered for the employees; the requirements to work and engagement scope change. Not all staff members are able to adjust to dynamic business environment; so, some of them choose the royal road. Our aim is to build a strong and solid Jurby team, a team of professionals united by a single corporate strategy. We are growing fast and are in active search for multidiscipline specialists and managers. We are certain that a strong team forms a strong company.      


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