Interview with new Director of Components Division | Jurby
2013 09 04

Interview with new Director of Components Division

Jevgenij Kiseliov- dsc_4840_resize.jpg (thumb, 240x159)Jevgenij Kiseliov is appointed to a post of Director of Jurby WaterTech International’s Components Division. In his interview, a new head tells about the actual state of things in the Division, its plans and expected future development.

- Jevgenij, you have just entered your duties. What is your assessment of the situation in the Components Division?

- On the whole, positive. Much work towards further development has been done in the Division in recent years. This implies the introduction of new products, expansion of geographic market presence and increase in the efficiency of production. There is no doubt that much yet remains to be done. However, as the proverb says, “Only he who does nothing never errs”.

- What challenges does the Division face today?

- We have a lot of problems before us. I would like to place special emphasis on main tasks. In the first place, this is the development of infrastructure to address the needs of customers more promptly. Our goal is to stay close to the end customer. For this purpose, it is needed to establish the most favourable conditions for our customers to enable evaluating in product selection not only the price/quality ratio, but also the service rate and technical maintenance and service. Another one important task is to offer to the customer a wide range of in-house products and solve his problems as a whole.

- What is the Division currently working on and what plans do you want to execute at first?

-  Currently, we are engaged in developing a new strategy. Also, we work hard on promotion of new-type and improved products. The launch of the improved second-generation AquaShell composite pressure tanks is of our current concern. In the course of the first half of Year 2013, we have been improving the technological process; some additional tests which showed positive results have been performed. It is important to note that the production price thereon was not increased. Over this period, a lot of queries have been accumulated. This means that the market awaits the improved product.

- Does the Division plan to introduce the new-types of products on the market in the nearest time? 

- We will turn out a line of new-type products till the end of the year. Among these are such unique products as JurbyMix and JurbyMix Plus (universal filter media) and a broadened range of Watex ion-exchange resins (new anion exchangers). AquaShell tanks of 42“and 48“diameter will also be in this new range of products. We plan to launch the production of brine tanks and cabinets by the end of the year. And many more other unique and interesting projects which we will implement without fail. Therefore, the prospects are very good and promising.

- Thank you for interview.


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