2012 03 16

Installation of water treatment complex at Stepnogorskaya TPP is completed

tec4.jpg (thumb, 240x141)News of progress of Jurby WaterTech International’s projects in Kazakhstan

As is reported from the Commissioning and Service Department of our company, the works on installation of a water treatment complex for Stepnogorskaya TPP (Stepnogorsk, the Republic of Kazakhstan) are successfully finalized. According to the statement of acceptance of works, all works are fully executed and the customer has no claims to them. The water treatment complex is intended for make up of HP boilers at this enterprise.

Jurby WaterTech International is engaged in execution of a full range of works at Stepnogorskaya TPP.  Technical specialists of the company in-house Design Bureau designed the water treatment system; 150 m3/h - water treatment complex was built and tested at the manufacturing facilities in Kaunas and technicians of Commissioning and Service Department effected installation of equipment. At present, the Commissioning Department is in preparation of putting this water treatment complex into operation.

The Photo Gallery of our website contains a photo archive from production site of water treatment complex for Stepnogorskaya TPP.  

Reference: The Jet-7 LLP is engaged in thermal- and electric-power generation for population and enterprises in the town of Stepnogorsk, Akmolinsk Oblast, the Republic of Kazakhstan. Stepnogorskaya TPP and Power Supply Agency are members of LLP “Jet-7”. TPP works according to combined thermal- and electric-power generation schedule. The installed capacity of LLP Jet-7 Stepnogorskaya TPP is as follows: electric output - 180 МW and thermal output - 1002 Gcal/hour.


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