2020 12 21

Installation of water chemical treatment plant in modular execution at the United Chemical Company Shchekinoazot, Ltd.

schekinoazot2.jpg.png (thumb, 240x73)The company JurbyWaterTech Ltd. carried out installation of equipment for reagent treatment of circulating water in the M-500 unit under construction at the plant of the company Shchekinoazot, Ltd.  As part of the contract, a modern automatic dosing station AquaDos in modular execution was supplied for stabilization treatment of circulating water. This plant will operate in a fully automatic mode, which will guarantee the prevention of scale formation, corrosion and microbiological  fouling in heat exchange equipment.

Taking this opportunity, our company congratulates the team of the company Shchekinoazot, Ltd.  on the 65th anniversary! We wish you success in all your deeds and undertakings. It is very pleasant to grow and develop together with such a dynamically developing enterprise as Shchekinoazot, Ltd.  We are ready to continue to help in the implementation of intended plans!

Short reference.
The United Chemical Company Shchekinoazot occupies one of the leading positions among Russian companies.
The company is one of the leaders in the production of industrial chemicals (methanol, caprolactam, cyclohexane, urea-formaldehyde concentrate, highly concentrated low-methanol formalin, etc.).  


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