2013 06 07

Implementation of projects in Jurby WaterTech International: the present and future

Dugino project, Kaunas manufacture- jurby-dugino39_resize.jpg (thumb, 108x161)During a 20-year period of existence, Jurby WaterTech International has implemented over 400 projects of different scales and complexity levels in 34 countries worldwide. Jury Jurjevich Mikhailov, Cand.Sc. (Engineering), Technical Director of Project Implementation and Service Department shares information on what projects the Company technical specialists are currently working on and what tasks the company will solve in the near future.

- Jury Jurjevich, please tell us what projects the Department is currently working on and what projects are the most large-scale and complex ones.

The projects on reconstruction of Ekibastuz GRES-1 and GRES-2 power stations (Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan) are our most large-scale and complex projects. Under Ekibastuz GRES-1 project, shipment of equipment is now actively under way. Two our technicians engaged in supervision of civil engineering works for the project and preparation for installation of equipment are onsite to solve complicated technical issues, particularly concerning technology and automation. As to GRES-2 project, the design works are finalized and manufacturing of equipment is in progress; preparations are made to submit the project for government expert review in Kazakhstan. Besides, now we have a unique project for the FEP Zvezda, which was restored after some time. This Plant is located in the Far East Region of Russia. The equipment has already been supplied. One technical expert was recently sent on-site to perform the installation supervision works and prepare for commissioning operations. The start-up is scheduled for the coming months.

- What projects have already been implemented this year?

- Among the implemented projects, mention may be made of Mineral Water Factory in Essentuki; we have signed the act of integrated test. This project is unique for us as it was our first project on design of equipment related to washing of the mineral water filling line. We have never designed this type water treatment equipment before then. Also, there are many projects at design stage.  In particular, the design works on the project for Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant and two projects for BALTIKA – Samara Brewery: concentrate reduction and canalization are currently in progress.  Furthermore, the project on development of the water treatment technology for Ryazan Oil Refinery Company (RORC) is now at stage “D”.

- How many employees does your Department employ? Is it planned to enlarge it? 

- At present, fourteen staff members work with our Department. It is planned to enlarge it. In the short run, we are going to employ some additional specialists: Implementation managers, production engineers and testing engineers, primarily for the large-scale projects implemented by us in Kazakhstan. These projects are now in the main stage of execution; the assembly works and commissioning operations on them are under way. We expect that in the future we will also have a sufficient number of large projects in Kazakhstan. Supply of chemicals and performance of commissioning works under Dugino project is scheduled for September. At the moment, the assembly works at the facility are coming to an end and the equipment is prepared for start-up and commissioning.   

- Thank you for interview.

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